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UNDETECTED Приватный чит для CS:S [Aimware]


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Глава сайта
20 Апр 2019
Aimware чит для Counter-Strike: Source. Чит включает в себя все необходимые визуальные опции для комфортной игры.
Чит покажем вам всех игроков!

::Чит работает на::
Античит статус:
VAC - (Undetected)
SMAC - (Undetected)
Версия игры:

- Последняя

Особенности чита:
- Не палится на записи экрана
- Поддерживает все режимы игры;
- Никаких вылетов и просадок фпс при использование чита;

Функции чита:
  • Active
    Master switch
  • Aimbot
    • Enable
      Disable or enable aimbot
    • Auto Fire
      Aimbot fires automatically
    • On Key
      Aimbot fires on key press
    • Toggle Key
      Setup key to disable or enable aimbot
    • Fire on Key
      If the aimbot should fire when aiming
    • Friendly Fire
      Aim at teammates
  • Triggerbot
    • Enable
      Disable or enable triggerbot
    • Auto Fire
      Triggerbot fires automatically
    • On Key
      Triggerbot fires on key press
    • Seed
      Force bullet trajectory to hit a
    • Mode
      Setup if triggerbot should compensate for recoil, spread or both
    • Delay
      Delay before triggerbot will fire
    • Burst
      Triggerbot will keep shooting for specified time
  • Triggerfilter
    • Head
      Trigger on head
    • Chest
      Trigger on chest
    • Stomach
      Trigger on stomach
    • Arms
      Trigger on arms
    • Legs
      Trigger on legs
    • Teammates
      Trigger on teammates
  • Pistol / Rifle / Sniper
    • Speed
      Speed of aimbot movement
    • FOV
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range
    • Recoil
      Control recoil smoothly
    • Spread
      Control spread smoothly
    • Hitbox
      Select hitbox to aim at
    • Time
      Delay of aimbot firing
    • Smooth movement
      Aiming while moving mouse
    • Auto Wall
      Shoot through penetratable walls
  • Active
    Master switch
  • Aimbot
    • Enable
      Disable or enable aimbot
    • Auto Fire
      Aimbot fires automatically
    • FOV Range
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range
    • Silent Aim
      Your view doesnt move while aiming
    • Perfect Silent Aim
      Your view doesnt move for spectators while aiming
    • Auto Pistol
      Makes pistols fire automacilly
    • Auto AWP
      Setup more accurate hitbox for AWP
  • Accuracy
    • Anti Spread
      Removes bullet spread
    • Anti Recoil
      Removes bullet recoil
    • Auto Wall
      Shoot through penetratable walls
    • Position Adjustment
      Corrects player position to hit speedhackers, fake laggers and surfing players
    • Resolver
      Increases chance to hit players with anti-aim
  • Target
    • Selection
      Type of selection algorithm to select targets
    • Friendly Fire
      Aim at teammates
    • Hitbox
      Select hitbox to aim at
    • Hitscan
      Check multiple points on hitbox to aim at
    • Min Damage
      Minimum damage aimbot has to make
  • Anti-Aim
    • Enable
      Enable or disable anti-aim
    • X
      Type of anti-aim on X angle
    • Y
      Type of anti-aim on Y angle
    • At Targets
      Make anti-aim point at targets direction
    • Wall Detection
      Hide behind walls
    • Fake Duck
      Fake that you are ducking
    • Fake Duck In Air
      Fake that you are ducking in air
  • Active
    Master switch
  • Options
    • Box
      Show 2D Box
    • Box Outline
      Show outline around the 2D Box
    • Name
      Show name of entity
    • Health
      Show current health
    • Weapon
      Show current or all holding weapons
    • Skeleton
      Show model skeleton
    • Aim Spot
      Show aim spot
    • Chams
      Show colored models
    • XQZ
      Show models behind walls
    • Glow
      Show glow around the model
  • Filter
    • All
      Show all entities
    • Players
      Show players
    • Enemy Only
      Show enemies only
    • Weapons
      Show weapons on ground
    • Characters
      Show characters
  • Other
    • Crosshair
      Show cheat crosshair
    • Crosshair Recoil
      Show circle of where bullets will go
    • Radar
      Show cheat radar
    • Radar Range
      Set radar range
    • Radar Size
      Set radar size
    • No Visual Recoil
      Remove visual recoil
    • No Sky
      Remove sky
    • ASUS Walls
      Transparent walls
    • Anti screenshot
      Clean screenshots
    • Visuals Toggle-key
      Setup key to toggle visuals
    • No Flash
      Remove flash effect
    • No Smoke
      Remove smoke effect
    • Grenade Tracer
      Show predicted trajectory where grenade will go

  • Active
    Master switch
  • Speedhack
    • Enable
      Enable or disable speedhack
    • On Key
      Setup key to turn on speedhack
    • Factor
      How fast your movement will speed up
  • Fakelag
    • Enable
      Enable or disable fakelag
    • Factor
      How hard you will lag
    • Switch
      Randomize factor
    • Adaptive
      Adapt factor to velocity
    • While Shooting
      Stop lagging while shooting
  • Namestealer
    • Enable
      Enable or disable namestealer
    • Interval
      How fast you will steal names
  • Autostrafer
    • Enable
      Enable or disable autostrafer
    • Mode
      Differnenet modes of strafing
    • Visible
      Makes your strafes visible to spectators
    • On Ground
      Gain speed while walking
    • Telehop Speed
      Turn rate after you go through teleports
  • Other
    • Auto Jump
      Jump automatically while holding space
    • Edge Jump
      Jump before falling from edge
    • Bypass Client-Side
      Bypass any client-sided blocks
    • Anti SMAC
      Prevent getting banned by SourceMod Anti-Cheat
    • Menu Key
      Setup key to open menu
    • Player List
      Configurable options for individual players
    • Anti Spawn Protection
      Dont target spawn protected players
    • Chat Spam
      Spam chat with messages
    • Air Stuck
      Freeze in air
    • Bypass sv_cheats
      Enable cheat protected cvars
    • Enable hidden cvars
      Enable hidden cvars in console

  • Terrorist / Counter-Terrorist / Characters / Other
    • Box
      Color of box ESP when entity is invisible
    • Box (Visible)
      Color of box ESP when entity is visible
    • Chams
      Color of chams when entity is invisible
    • Chams (Visible)
      Color of chams when entity is visible
Player List
  • Set All Players
    Auto apply options to all players
  • Pitch Correction
    Correct player pitch angle when he is using anti-aim
  • Yaw Correction
    Correct player yaw angle when he is using anti-aim
  • Wall Dtc Correction
    Apply different correction when player is hiding behind wall
  • Friend
    Make aimbot ignore this player
  • Priority
    Make aimbot target this player first
  • Bodyaim
    Make aimbot aim at players body to increase accuracy when he is using anti-aim

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